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 Club Shack 

Benefits of Membership

If you've browsed this far through our website, you have probably already found that there are many benefits in becoming a member of Ariel MCC.


Along with the many opportunities to do some great riding in a responsible, safe and legal manner, members also have the option to obtain MA Licences, hire the club shack, access the club internet forum, Members Only Online Groups, attend our social events and enjoy local and interstate camping trips in a well supported and family friendly environment.


Most of all, new members to Ariel MCC will meet like minded dirt bike riders and enjoy the social atmosphere that our club provides.

 How to Join 

If you would like to become a member of the Ariel Motorcycle Club, then come down to The Kensington Hotel on the first Monday of each month at 8 pm for a meet and greet. 

Organised club rides are generally based on the type of riding requested by the club members and covers a wide range of different terrains, such as dirt trails, single tracks, beach's and sand hills. The club also has access to several private properties where weekend rides are held. At these some people come for the day or camp out for the whole weekend. Family members are very welcome to join these weekend events, bring the bbq, a swag or the whole caravan.


So come on down to the Kensi to meet the group, see what rides are coming up, become a member and get the bike out to have some fun!        


Both new and returning members need to check out the Clubs Code of Conduct because making sure everyone is treated fairly is a priority to us!


We HIGHLY recommend you get Ambulance cover for yourself and your kids if they are going to ride too. If an ambulance is called to assist you in the event that you hurt yourself and you don't have cover, it can be extremely costly to you.

We will never hesitate to call one if we feel the need.



The Ariel MCC Membership is only $50 per calendar year.

Membership fees are due as of 1st January.

All memberships must be processed through the

online 'Ridernet' page available by clicking the link below



For all membership related questions please contact:


 Chris Walsh

Tel: 0427183319 

Or contact through MESSENGER on Facebook


Club Internet Forum & Social Media

The Ariel MCC hosts an internet forum where members share information relating to upcoming and past rides and events, club meeting notes, buy and sell information, the club shack, club business and other related chat.

Please note: The purpose of the Ariel MCC social media forums (including Facebook) is to share information and promote positive community ties between members. Comments or actions that negatively impact the club or specific riders may result in disciplinary action regarding the individual(s) responsible.

Please see the Ariel MCC Code of Conduct for more information.


 Online members area

1. You must be an official Ariel MCC Member to access this area of the website

2. Click the 'log in' icon above the menu on the top right hand side of this page

3. Create a login by entering your email and creating a password you will remember

4. Ariel MCC will receive your request for the 'Online members area' and will check that you are a current official OR life member before approving.

5. Upon approval you will receive an email confirming your login

(If you cannot find the email, please check your junk folder)

6. Click 'Enter Site' and you will now be able to access the 'Online Members Area' via the icon above the menu, in the top right hand corner of the website.

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