Vice President

Steve Brown


Club Secretary

Andrew Slade



Chade Pote


Public Officer

Wayne Hoskin


Social Media Co-ordinator

Adam Kavaz


Shack Co-ordinator

Mark Whiteley


Ride Co-ordinator

Kable Hunt


Equipment Co-ordinator

Owen Rothe

Our committee

The Ariel Motorcycle Club of South Australia is one of South Australia’s oldest motorcycle clubs, established in 1928. 


Since its inception, Ariel MCC  has evolved into a responsible off road motorcycle club, embracing non competitive trail riding and competitive events in South Australia. Our Mallee Masters Trail Ride is a non competitive event held over 2 days with full catering, vehicle support and amenities,  with riding that includes unique and challenging terrain.


Ariel MCC has access to a network of private properties that provide many and varied riding opportunities to club members and friends. We pride ourselves on delivering strong sustainable partnerships with land owners and club members, which results in us having access to some outstanding riding.


The club is steeped in history having produced past State, National and International competitors. In fact a past patron of the club was Charles Kingsford-Smith.


No – we dont ride Ariels any more!


We are affiliated with Motorcycling South Australia and can assist members with obtaining MA Licences including Recreational or Senior and Junior Competitve.


MSA coordinator



Membership Officer

Mark Poker

Social Co-ordinator

(Official Club Merchandise)

Paul Smith


Club  Captain

Jason Czapla

Committee Members

Craig McPherson

Tom Holland

Liam McDonald

Dave Fenech

Craig Plank

Jason Pattullo



Scott Letton

Our Sponsors

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